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The Making of StoneCraft

I have always enjoyed both the aesthetic and feel of pairing stone with wood and plants. The contrasting qualities between the three only helps to amplify each of their individual characteristics. Being a stonemason for the past 20 years, designing and building stone walls, features, and hardscaping properties for hundreds of clients, I decided it might be nice to create a miniature oasis that people could enjoy inside of their homes. StoneCraft was born out of this desire.

What intrigued me most about creating stone art pieces, was that I had yet to meet precisely who I was making them for. I feel that on a some level, part of me knows exactly who they are and why I was inspired to create a specific piece, even though the individual has yet to present themselves in the physical, with all of their unique complexities. It is as though I am getting to know an aspect of that person (or people) through the feature that I am creating.

Each piece, based on this perspective, is then tailored towards a specific individual; a vibrational equivalent to what is being manifested through the creative process. For me, the story doesn't end with the completion and the sale of the piece; The story begins.

- Amnis (Stream), Sean Lennox | StoneCraft

Amnis —Latin for 'Stream'— is my first piece to date. I wanted to include all 4 elements in the making of it so I began with a burnt, rough-cut cedar frame. I then incorporated river rocks, driftwood, moss, and a variety of air plants. All of the materials used in this piece are native to Vancouver Island.

For additional details on this piece, please visit my SHOP page or contact me directly via

Thank you,

Sean Lennox | StoneCraft

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